Proposed Business plan for the Horse Program:


We feel the horse program should serve 4 main objectives:

  1. Become a profitable, self sustaining operation.
  2. Creative engagement and enthusiasm for guests, encouraging loyalty and repeat business.
  3. Contribute, and encourage a real, working, authentic, western spirit to the Ranch
  4. Work in unison and harmony with all other Ranch programs.

Trail Horse and Riding Lesson Programs:

  • Start now with between 6 - 10 good trail horses. (Geldings at least 10 yrs and older)
  • Use the better Trail Riding horses to teach horsemanship and beginner riding lessons.
  • Implement Activities concierge and additional advertising methods to encourage visiting guests to go on Trail Rides and take Riding Lessons.
  • Market locally through facebook and other means to encourage day visitor rides and locals taking lessons.

Ace-High Partnerships:

  • Start out buying 2-4 yearling cutting horse prospects each year from breeders or the top sales in Fort Worth.
  • Place those horses in training program beginning in November or December before their two year old year.
  • Determine which of those horses has a chance of being a competitor at the Aged Event competitions(Futurities and Derbies).
  • Place those that have the ability to compete into Ace-High Partnerships syndicate program.
  • Place those that do not have the ability to compete at the highest level into cull program.

Culled Horse Program:

  • Place horses into secondary performance horse training program
  • Horses are trained to be sold as performance horses for Weekend Cuttings, Roping, Barrel Racing, or Reined Cow Horse work based upon their abilities and the current markets.
  • Horses are marketed and sold by the end of their two year old year.

Ace-High Partnerships Program:

  • Offer Cutting Horse prospects for sale after March of their two year old year.
  • Offer these horses for sale through syndication to guests, and to the general public.
  • These horses are boarded, cared for, and trained for competition here at the Ranch. 
  • Horses are syndicated for a one time, up front cost of $750. Each syndicate will have a total of 100 shares, for a total investment of $75,000. This covers their entire career, from the time of syndication up until they are sold.
  • Use of funds:

Projected Career of a syndicated horse:

             2 year old year:

  • Training

              3 year old year:

  • NCHA Futurity in Fort Worth Texas, Nov & Dec of 2015 (over $3,500,000 in added prize money)

             4 year old year:

  • Abilene Spectacular in Abilene Texas, Jan of 2016 ($215,000 in added prize money)
  • Tunica Futurity in West Monroe Louisiana, Jan of 2016 ($152,000 in added prize money)
  • Bonanza Cutting in Glenn Rose Texas, Feb of 2016 ($135,000 in added prize money)
  • NCHA Super Stakes in Fort Worth Texas, March of 2016 (over $1,500,000 in added prize money)
  • Breeders Invitational in Tulsa OK, May of 2016 ($505,000 in added prize money)
  • NCHA Summer Spectacular in Fort Worth Texas, July of 2016 (over $1,500,000 in added prize money)
  • Campaigned for sale available immediately following the Summer Spectacular. Entered in the NCHA futurity sale in December if not sold prior to.

Ranches Income from a syndicated horse:

A yearling prospect can be purchased for anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. After being trained for 3 - 6 months, the horse will then be marked up and sold as a prospect with demonstrated abilities and talents for $25,000. After the 3 year investment period, each horse will have provided the ranch with a Net Income of around $30,000 to $35,000.

Building Engagement and Authenticity:

Horses will be marketed and sold to the guests and to the general public. Someone owning a share of a cutting horse that is here at the ranch will have a great reason to come back repeatedly and stay in the cabins. Whether the guests own a share of a horse or not, the promotion that we do of our horses will contribute to the overall working, authentic ranch as we promote our living, working, legends of the west.