The Double S Ranch is proud to present to you Ace-High Partnerships. This Cutting Horse Joint Venture program allows you to become an owner of a world class cutting horse and compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and world championships for a fraction of the price.

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 Cutting Horses are the Kings of the Performance Horse World. The National Cutting Horse Industry pays out more than $40 million in prize money each year. Ace-High Partnerships is built to allow you to become a player in the Cutting Horse industry and be a part of it all as your horse trains, prepares for, and competes at some of the richest Cutting Horse Competitions in the World. Each Ace-high Partnerships joint venture begins with 100 equal shares available for a one-time, up front fee of $750 for each share.

For more information about our program, our methods, and our horses offered for syndication, and the projected returns, please visit our website at