The Double S Ranch is Home to the Deer Lake Cabins. Deer Lake Cabins features 13 beautifully designed cabins and homes built for luxury and comfort. Ranging in sizes built to host parties of 2 to 16 people in a cabin and strategically set around the ranch offering lake front views or tucked in the woods offering privacy and seclusion.



The Double S Ranch is home to the Deer & Dream Lakes. Each of these beautiful lakes are spring fed and stocked with Bass, Catfish, Perch, and Crappie. The property also features several additional ponds. We have several trolling boats, kayaks, pedal boats, and stand up paddle boards available for your use and enjoyment on the water.

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Barns & Arenas:

The Double S Ranch boasts an immaculate, climate controlled show barn, a mare motel, and a vintage wooden barn. The ranch also offers a climate controlled indoor arena featuring a 120' x 120' riding arena, spectator seating, with a luxurious birds eye view loft.


Meadows, Pastures, and Paddocks:

The Double S Ranch claims over 100 acres of productive organic Bermuda and Rye grass fields. These fields are grazed by our cattle and horses, and also baled as hay to provide all of the hay for the Ranch's cattle and horse operations.



The Ranch has roughly 500 acres of wooded area filled with Hardwoods and Pines. There are around 15 miles worth of groomed trails winding and weaving through the woods. The woods offer an incredible escape into nature and to the abundant wildlife that make them their home.